Business Network Design

posted 7 Jun 2014, 08:31 by Bianca Symons   [ updated 16 Jul 2014, 06:42 ]

Many residential households install their own home networks. Although corporations also utilize computer networks in their daily operations, both residential and business networks run using many of the same underlying technologies. Nevertheless, business networks incorporate additional features and usages.

Small office and home office (SOHO) networks function with either local area networks (LANs) controlled by its own network router. This is your typical home network designs.

As businesses develop, their network layouts expand to larger numbers of LANs. Corporations based in more than one location set up internal connectivity between their office buildings. When the buildings are in close proximity, a wide area network (WAN) can be used, which can span across cities or countries.

Companies are increasingly enabling their local networks for Wi-Fi wireless access, although larger businesses also tend to wire their office buildings with high-speed Ethernet cabling for greater network capacity and performance.

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