Ingress Technologies is the only company in Africa that provides all IT related product, service and support under one diverse business. We have carefully selected the product portfolio to co-exist within our core and disrupt the traditional methods of customer delivery and services.

One central point of contact. No need for exploring the unknown, we inform, advise, consult and provide to insure long client/supplier relationships. We have the ability to tailor in accordance with your business no matter how a company is structured. We offer unique product fabric that relates to high growing targets in the IT marketplace.

Insuring we are eliminating any need for client awareness in the market as all research and development is monitored and preempted to adapt to the ever-changing industries and politics.

“We show you how to speed up, how to manage and how to prepare for your future

As a Telco, Ingress provides, through our own managed network, Internet and VoIC (Voice over Inter- Connect) services to clients spanning South Africa.

Further to providing on-net services, Ingress has Transit agreements with in excess of 22 third-party networks, ensuring that we can provide coverage to any client, virtually anywhere in Southern Africa

Our Objective

Our mission is to offer our client’s the “personal experience” and show them true quality of service, from implementation stage to completion. No need to look at different providers for different products and services, deal with one company that can deliver on all.

“Connectivity is regarded as a utility. It is the way we communicate today and build tomorrow”