Managed IT Services


Firewalls have long been a necessity for businesses of all sizes, these days more so than ever before, with threats like viruses, ransomware, malware and phishing scams becoming more common each day. In fact, we believe that even the more tech savvy homes and home offices should have firewalls protecting them! Ingress’s solutions are completely bespoke and are designed in accordance with client-specific requirements. Of course, if you require a specific brand, we can probably help you out with too.

Functionality that can be deployed, in all firewall, proxy and spam filtering solutions are:

Anti-Phishing and Fraud Protection
Botnet Protection
Internet Control Blocking
Site Blocking                                                                                                            Category Driven International Blacklist                                                              Bandwidth Management
Traffic Steering
Access Medium Bonding
Departmental reporting
Individual User Reporting
Automatic Threat Updates
Automatic Blacklist Update

Servers, LAN Network, IT Support, Cloud Backup

We custom build our servers, network and cloud based solutions to fit businesses needs and requirements. This way, we prevent any interference with current setups and integrate seamlessly to make sure that the entire IT is routed at core level and managed at core level.

We belief in our approach and that is doing the job once and doing it right! Too many false hopes and blind expectations in our industry has motivated us to stay true to these beliefs. We don’t gear you up for only the present but we help you understand your past and what you can look forward to in the future.