Ingress’s greatest differentiators is that we are a true Service Provider and deliver a multitude of products, networks and solutions through:

One point of contact

One invoice

One channel platform

We have, without a doubt, the most comprehensive internet and data product stack available on the market today.

LTE Advanced

Corporate grade LTE is the perfect solution for smaller business units that have a requirement for a fast, affordable, broadband internet experience that can be delivered within 14 days.


Microwave connectivity offer businesses of any size reliable, easy to install internet services. Microwave can be delivered in any speed, class-of-service (broadband or premium), frequency or bundle that the environment requires. Ingress can deliver Microwave services in 21 days.

Fibre Optics

Fibre internet is delivered across smart-networks which have been strategically deployed and cover all major metros as well as most high-density cities and towns. Fibre is the fastest and most reliable way to transmit data and the information is literally transferred at the speed of light. Fibre is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes that need reliable, fast business critical internet.