VoIC Services

Our VoIC offering is equally robust and our aggressive rates can be delivered on various voice-dedicated links depending on the requirement, budget and call volume of the operation. Ingress successfully transmits VoIC over the following access media:

• APN – APN is an LTE platform that is quick to deploy, cost-effective and highly reliable. Businesses of most sizes can benefit from APN as the preferred last-mile for VoIC.
• Microwave – Dedicated microwave voice links are used in environments that have higher than usual call volumes

• Fibre Optics – Ingress either delivers voice-specific Fibre or utilizes a portion of the bandwidth on Fibre installed for data to transit all VoIC services.

Over and above VoIC, Ingress offers

➢Telephone Management platforms

➢Multi-tenant Solution

➢Call Centre application

➢ Call recordings